Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Career

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Job Description:
  • Drive the company’s financial planning
  • Perform risk management by analyzing the organization’s liabilities and investments
  • Decide on investment strategies by considering cash and liquidity risks
  • Control and evaluate the organization’s fundraising plans and capital structure
  • Ensure cash flow is appropriate for the organization’s operations
  • Supervise all finance personnel (controllers, treasurers etc.)
  • Manage vendor relationships
  • Prepare reliable current and forecasting reports
  • Set up and oversee the company’s finance IT system
  • Ensure compliance with the law and company’s policies
  • Manage team of financial controllers and financial analysts
CFO Skills Required:
  • Proven experience as CFO, finance officer or relevant role
  • In depth knowledge of corporate financial law and risk management practices
  • Excellent knowledge of data analysis and forecasting methods
  • Proficient in the use of MS Office and financial management software (e.g. SAP)
  • Ability to strategize and solve problems
  • Strong leadership and organizational skills
  • Excellent communication and people skills
  • An analytical mind, comfortable with numbers
  • CPA is a strong advantage
  • Mostly graduate in Accounting, Finance or relevant field; MSc/MBA is a plus

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Chief Marketing & Sales Officer (CMSO) Career

Chief Marketing & Sales Officer (CMSO)

Job Description:
  • Lead USA Marketing and Sales
  • “Listen” to the trends of the market and direct the market research efforts of the company
  • Liaise with other departments to guide a unified approach to customer service, distribution etc. that meets market demands
  • Define marketing strategies to support the company’s overall strategies and objectives
  • Develop a feasible marketing plan for the department and oversee its day-to-day implementation
  • Plan and organize marketing functions and operations (product development, branding, communications etc.), and ensure they project the company’s unique “voice”
  • Design and coordinate promotional campaigns, PR and other marketing efforts across channels (digital, press etc.)
  • Build a highly efficient team of marketing professionals
  • Create a solid network of strategic partnerships
CMSO Skills Required:
  • Proven experience as chief marketing and sales officer or similar role
  • Demonstrable experience in developing efficient strategies and business plans for all marketing aspects (branding, product promotion etc.)
  • Solid understanding of market research and data analysis methods
  • Ability to apply marketing techniques over digital (e.g. social media) and non-digital (e.g. press) channels
  • Understanding of different business disciplines (IT, finance etc.)
  • Proficient in MS Office and business software (e.g. CRM)
  • A leader with both creative and analytical capabilities
  • Outstanding communication (written and verbal) and interpersonal abilities
  • Graduate in business administration, marketing, communications or relevant field; Masters will be a plus

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Chief Operating Officer (COO) Career

Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Job Description:
  • Establishing policies that promote company culture and vision
  • Overseeing operations of the company and the work of executives
  • Design and implement business strategies, plans and procedures
  • Set comprehensive goals for performance and growth
  • Establish policies that promote company culture and vision
  • Oversee daily operations of the company and the work of executives (IT, Marketing, Sales, Finance etc.)
  • Lead employees to encourage maximum performance and dedication
  • Evaluate performance by analyzing and interpreting data and metrics
  • Write and submit reports to the CEO in all matters of importance
  • Assist CEO in fundraising ventures
  • Participate in expansion activities (investments, acquisitions, corporate alliances etc.)
  • Manage relationships with partners/vendors
COO Skills Required:
  • Proven experience as chief operating officer or similar role
  • Five or more years of experience in executive leadership roles
  • Excellent leadership skills, with steadfast resolve and personal integrity
  • Understanding of advanced business planning and regulatory issues
  • Solid grasp of data analysis and performance metrics
  • Ability to diagnose problems quickly and foresee potential issues
  • Fundraising experience
  • International business experience
  • Graduate in business administration, relevant field; Masters will be a plus

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What we do

We Offer a Wide Variety of Security Services

We Are Inventor of BDSLCCI Security Framework

As an outcome of international research, we offer NEW and unique Business Domain Specific Least Cybersecurity Controls Implementation (BDSLCCI) certification. It is more helpful for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs).

Depending on your business domain, we design your cybersecurity controls implementation journey using BDSLCCI framework. It is reliable, easy to implement, and more effective way to build good cybersecurity posture.


We Are Expert in Various Security Audits

Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing (VAPT) is used to find security flaws in an application, network, endpoint, and cloud. Both vulnerability assessments and penetration tests have certain advantages, and they are frequently conducted together to obtain thorough analysis.

Our various cybersecurity audit services covers maximum of People, Process, and Technology areas - ensuring 360 degrees of coverage.


We Are Your Chief Information Security Officer

An allocated resource with knowledge in creating and enhancing information security programmes is referred to as a Virtual CISO. A V-CISO first understands the benefits and drawbacks of an organization's security programme by starting with a risk assessment.

It is an expensive to recruit full time CISO role as well as skilled team working with CISO. We are serving this role as service. Many times this role is shared among multiple skilled resources.


We Are Expert in Developing Security Processes

The execution of a successful cyber security plan depends on processes. They are essential in outlining how the actions, functions, and records of an organization are utilized to reduce the risks associated with information. Additionally, processes must be regularly examined.

Six subprocesses make to a successful security management process: policy, awareness, access, monitoring, compliance, and strategy. Policy-based security management establishes the requirements for corporate security standards.


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