BDSLCCI Certification

As an outcome of international research, we offer NEW and unique Business Domain Specific Least Cybersecurity Controls Implementation (BDSLCCI) certification. It not only covers mission critical assets along with overall organization's different layers. This framework is more suitable for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), looking for reliable and easy journey of cybersecurity implementation.

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Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST)

An application (such as mobile app, web application, API, ERP etc) may be evaluated using certain approaches during a dynamic application security testing process, which is a non-functional testing procedure. The results of this testing process encompass any security flaws and vulnerabilities that may be present in the programme. This is performed by both tools and manual efforts.

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Static Application Security Testing (SAST)

It is also referred to as white box testing, which is a process that examines application software's source code to discover security flaws. SAST solutions do not require a functioning system to conduct a scan; instead, they examine an application from the "inside out" By giving quick feedback to developers on problems brought into code during development.

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Network VAPT

An evaluation technique called Network Vulnerability Assessment and Network Penetration Testing (Network VAPT) is carried out on your network by security professionals to find any potential holes that attackers may exploit. You may learn a lot about the physical layer and network design of your IT infrastructure thanks to Network VAPT. It provides sufficient details on the gaps and vulnerabilities so that specialists may close them before someone gains access and misuses the information or steals unapproved data.

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Endpoint Audit and Protection

In order to identify policy violations and risks associated with unauthorized and potentially harmful software installations, such as those made by Peer-to-Peer, instant messaging, and Internet cloud storage clients, an audit of the hardware configuration, software updates, definitions at the data security system level, and security client setup on connected, wired or wireless, workstations and portable computing devices is performed. The audit evaluates any possible risk posed by unlawful use of different portable media formats (Tablets, Phablets, DVDs, Disk-on-Key and more).

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Cloud Security Audit

A cloud security audit examines the security measures a company has put in place to safeguard its data and other assets in the cloud. Organizations may better understand their cloud environment and spot possible dangers by conducting a cloud security review. Additionally, it aids companies in creating the right safeguards to lessen such risks. A cloud security test enables enterprises to confirm that the security measures they have in place are successful in identifying and thwarting unwanted access to their data.

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What we do

We Offer a Wide Variety of Security Services

We Are Inventor of BDSLCCI Security Framework

As an outcome of international research, we offer NEW and unique Business Domain Specific Least Cybersecurity Controls Implementation (BDSLCCI) certification. It is more helpful for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs).

Depending on your business domain, we design your cybersecurity controls implementation journey using BDSLCCI framework. It is reliable, easy to implement, and more effective way to build good cybersecurity posture.


We Are Expert in Various Security Audits

Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing (VAPT) is used to find security flaws in an application, network, endpoint, and cloud. Both vulnerability assessments and penetration tests have certain advantages, and they are frequently conducted together to obtain thorough analysis.

Our various cybersecurity audit services covers maximum of People, Process, and Technology areas - ensuring 360 degrees of coverage.


We Are Your Chief Information Security Officer

An allocated resource with knowledge in creating and enhancing information security programmes is referred to as a Virtual CISO. A V-CISO first understands the benefits and drawbacks of an organization's security programme by starting with a risk assessment.

It is an expensive to recruit full time CISO role as well as skilled team working with CISO. We are serving this role as service. Many times this role is shared among multiple skilled resources.


We Are Expert in Developing Security Processes

The execution of a successful cyber security plan depends on processes. They are essential in outlining how the actions, functions, and records of an organization are utilized to reduce the risks associated with information. Additionally, processes must be regularly examined.

Six subprocesses make to a successful security management process: policy, awareness, access, monitoring, compliance, and strategy. Policy-based security management establishes the requirements for corporate security standards.


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