What is Network VAPT

What is Network VAPT?

Network VAPT is the evaluation process that security professionals do on the user's network to find any potential holes that attackers may exploit. A network penetration test's main goal is to identify vulnerable areas in systems, networks, network devices (such as switches and routers), and hosts before hackers can use them.

The process used by security professionals to identify possible flaws that might be used by hostile attackers is known as IT Network Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing. It is crucial to carry out Network VAPT in order to secure the sensitive data because there is always a significant danger from hacking incidents and cybercrimes. Depending on the severity of the attack, the attacker may learn about the network or change the data to his or her benefit.

by Dr. Shekhar Pawar

Importance of Network VAPT

You may learn a lot about the physical layer and network design of your IT infrastructure thanks to Network VAPT. It provides sufficient details on the gaps and vulnerabilities so that specialists may close them before someone gains access and misuses the information or steals unapproved data.

Benefits of Network VAPT

1. Corporate network security and defence mechanisms.

2. Improved return on investment for IT investments.

3. Protection of the enterprise network against cyberattacks.

4. Protecting a company's private and sensitive information.

5. Preventing the abuse, loss, illegal access, or modification of information.

6. Obtaining certification in compliance monitoring.

7. Avoiding financial losses.

Every business domain has unique mission critical assets and different cybersecurity needs.

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